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Making it Monday

 So, sewing, and creating anything in general, has been really slow this winter. Things like multiple bouts of sick kids and husband, holidays, crazy happenstances, and mommy trying to keep the usual going has seriously interrupted the flow of the fun stuff, like sewing.
But, a need for warmer weather clothing for some of the kids, easter outfits, and just a desire to do something different, has me forcing time for sewing. (YAY!)
I currently have two UFOs (unfinished objects) to complete before I can move on, and I have a ton of things around the house that I either want to sew or need to be sewed. And yet, I'm dreaming of pretty things to sew! *sigh* Things completely unnecessary and just plain purty. 
So, for the first Making it Monday I though I might show you some sewing patterns from my collection that I hope to get to make soon. And before you ask, no, they're not all the same size, nor all my size. So, I would have to do some adjusting ;)

First up is Simplicity 1390, a pattern for dickies, cuffs, collars, and hats/caps. I have never used a dickie, but perhaps by next winter I could have some of these sewn up and be prim and proper. I especially like the collar and cuffs with the bows, and the cap and large collar could work for.....Thanksgiving?

Another Simplicity in my collection is 5862. It's obviously from the 70s, and so ridiculous that even the blond in the illustration is laughing. And yet, I really like this pattern. It makes me giggle. I would like to someday sew up the long version in a similar color to the one illustrated. But the question is would I ever be brave enough to wear it anywhere? And who'd have thought you'd need a zipper for an overalls style dress? Only in the 70s...

Simplicity 4756, from the 40s? Ah, the practical bed jacket. Nope, I have no idea why I would need a bed jacket, but they look so pretty, and I'm sure they'd look much more glamorous than usual t-shirt or tank top I often end up wearing to bed. And talk about great for nursing babies! (Sorry, between our two sons, I've been nursing a baby since March 2011, with only a small break while pregnant with second son. Can you tell I'm a little tired of it, and the baby's only 6 months old. *sigh*)

Ok, this is semi practical. I could totally make this for my kids or as a gift for someone else's kid. I've never sewn toys before, but love the idea.

This, I think, must be a late 30s pattern. It's a mail order pattern from Capper's Farmer (?) 2422. And yes, it's a dress for an adult! Maybe it's because I still think like a little girl when it comes to clothing, but I love this. <3 nbsp="" p="">

This next one is from the 80s! Simplicity 9281. I have no idea why I like this. I was born in the 80s, so maybe it reminds me of my mom? Anyway, I like it, and perhaps by next fall, I'll make the separates with long sleeves. It would be nice to wear to church on a cold morning I think.

McCall's 8960: A 50s circle skirt! No, I don't have that perfect waspy waist. No, I cannot imagine doing housework in heels and pearls, but I can imagine twirling A LOT in one of these. I fancy the blue one with vertical stripes, and if I make one I will wear it with my heels and pearls at least once to greet my husband at the door when he comes home....that is if everything else lines up perfectly so I can get a bath while the boys nap and still have time to fix my hair and makeup....well, I could still wear it sometime, somewhere, right?

And here's a sneak peak at one of the UFOs I'm working on. Simplicity 2265 in the 3/4 sleeve length with this plaid. I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is, but it's thick and unravels easily and has a slight sheen to it. (How's that for knowledgeable?) I confess, I cut this out in November, and sewed up the bodice. I could probably finish it now in a few hours, but it's still languishing in pieces. I'd better hurry up and finish it before the weather gets too warm to wear it! Eek! Oh, and I didn't realize that my daughter's doll had an arm in at the top of the picture. ;)

So, what do you make, or would like to make if you had time? Do you daydream about all the pretty things you could work on, or do you only think of the practical? 

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