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I'm Linking This!

A weekly attempt to share what I've enjoyed or been inspired by in the blogosphere this week.

Cute spring craft idea for littles from The Imagination Tree. 

Anna at Pleasantview Schoolhouse showed off some gorgeous reverse applique.
chocolate chip cookie bowls
From The Common Room: chocolate chip cookie bowls for ice cream. Quite possibly one of the best ideas. Ever. 
Chores for toddlers from Growing Home. Take note kids, more ways to help mom.
Because I love anything yellow (although I can't always wear yellow), and I love blazers. This blazer made by Amanda at Amanda's Adventures in Sewing is so completely awesome, too
I love this silk *gasp* printed dress that Justine at Sew Country Chick made for her daughter and how she talks about sewing for kids as they grow up. Makes me want to drop everything and find some printed silk for my daughter.
 photo Doctor1_zpsfa00866e.jpg
I found this outfit from Solanah at Vixen Vintage really appealed to my inner librarian and Dr. Who fan. I think I would like to wear something like this, and often. 
Some classic 2010 from Phil Johnson was presented by the lovely folks at Teampyro about Christian Liberty. Very timely I think.

Hand sewing on the hoop channels on my paniers
The Dreamstress has some helpful and encouraging tips for handsewing garments, something I've been too terrified to do.

So, here's some of the places I've been this week. What caught your eye this week? Let me know with a link in the comments.

Funny Friday

All three at the breakfast table, and yes, those are
crumbs under my table ;)
 We had biscuits, what can I say?
Well, things haven't been as funny at our house this week. Running everywhere, then trying to catch up on housework (bleck!), trying to prepare curriculum and making lesson plans for next year (we're officially homeschooling our oldest in kindergarten in the fall *insert horror movie scream*), doctor appointment, runny noses, 2 yr. old with fever, 6 month old not wanting to eat much and then getting a little constipated (still nursing like nobody's business, though), and keeping my nieces and nephews while helping my mom. Whew! I've definitely been away more than home this week. However, there was some cuteness amidst it all, and that definitely made it a little easier to deal with.

"Don't worry, if they have to give you lots and lots of shots and prick all of your fingers at the doctor's office, I'll be right there."-5 yr. daughter's way of comforting/preparing her brother for a 2 yr. check up. Let's just say it's little wonder why he hid behind my leg when the doctor entered the room.

4 yr. old nephew in Papaw's t-shirt,
because, well, let's just say 4 yr. old boys
 aren't the best at aiming yet.
"Ok, I'm done."-2 yr. old son to doctor when he decided he'd had enough of the check up. He wasn't really being rude, just said it very matter of factly.

"I'm just trying to find myself."-5 yr. old daughter. Yeah, I have no idea where this came from either.

"I can't wait to be a teenager, because then I can get married and have a baby."-5 yr. old daughter. Wow. Let's just say I'm glad she doesn't know what age means you're a teenager, otherwise we would be really, really, concerned.

"You know mommy, we can't get to heaven on our own."-5 yr. old daughter.
"How do we get there then?"-Me.
"Well, God is in heaven, so Jesus has to take us there."-5 yr. old daughter.
Not funny, but warmed this mommy's heart. <3 p="">
 I know when I'm so stressed/overwhelmed that I feel like I could explode there's nothing better than cute kids saying/doing cute things to make me laugh and relax, not that I'm perfect, but God certainly uses them to remind me of what's really important at the moment.

So, have you been extra busy lately? Don't cute kids make it easier when you're busy?