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Funny Friday

So, this week saw us through a dreaded stomach virus. And yet there were still funny things said and done that could ease the yuckiness all around our house. Enjoy.

Silly boy ;)
"Don't shoot the baby dragons, Daddy, they're poor little things!"-5 yr. old daughter to her daddy, after he was attempting to kill all the dragons in her room that were keeping her from sleeping at bedtime. Isn't it convenient that dragons only show up when she's supposed to be going to sleep? Where are these dragons all day long? Hmm...

"Oh no! I'm spilling!"-Shout heard from astonished and horrified 2 yr. old boy when he peed in the floor after a bath. Needless to say the connections haven't quite been made between wet diapers and how they get wet. Guess we've got a long journey in potty training in our near future. 

"Let it begin! Let it begin!"-5 yr. daughter excited to be eating blueberries for breakfast when she finally got her appetite back. 

"Mamaw! Candy!?!?"-2 yr. old's apt greeting for his Mamaw.

"It just breaks my heart!"-5 yr. old daughter's response to Mommy saying no about something. 

"Ice cream!"-2 yr. old's suggestion for breakfast.
"No, we can't have ice cream for supper! Are you crazy? It's just not healthy...Can we have peanut butter crackers, Mommy?"-5 yr. old daughter's reaction to her brother's suggestion. We did not have peanut butter crackers, for the record. 

"Fine. I'm going to sleep in the mermaid bed."-How Daddy gets our 5 yr. old to quit stalling at bedtime. Just funny when you consider the source. It's a good thing none of the men he works with will see this. *wink*

Baby says this is not funny, mom.
So, hopefully you and your family have fared better health-wise this week, but I also hope your week was made lighter through lots of laughter. 

How has laughter helped you get through things this week?

Oh, and I'm considering doing a giveaway soon, most likely sewing related, but not necessarily. 

Would any of you be interested in a giveaway? If so, what kinds of things would you be interested in winning? 

Please keep suggestions within reason though, I'm not the lottery, you know!