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I'm Linking This!

Here are some of the places I've visited lately. Hope you enjoy.
1780s pet-en-l'aire and pleated petticoat
Would it be weird if I just started dressing like this? Maybe, but the Dreamstress sure makes it look easy.
Pink houses and keeping busy and thinking of others to rid yourself of depression. An interesting read from 50s gal.
Gorgeous dress from Cation Designs! I love the jersey, the drape, the birds!
Alli Crafts had an easy cute crocheted bootie pattern for newborns.  

I really like this outfit from Bramblewood fashion. Wearing a longer skirt underneath is such a great way to make a too short sundress a little more modest. Not sure if this look has an age limit or not, but it's definitely cute. Maybe my little girl can pull this off better, lol.
Living on Less Money posted a great recipe for homemade bubble solution.
Everything at Handmade By Carolyn is phenomenal, and she has a very understated elegant style.
This week her simple knotted dress really caught my eye as something very practical and easy to wear. She's almost convinced me to buy a Japanese pattern book....almost, they intimidate me a little.
Heather over at Feather's Flights made some suspenders for her little boy, because just like my 2 yr. old, he's too skinny  at the waist for a lot of pants. What's the deal with pants for little boys anyway? We even use cloth diapers and have this problem still.
And finally, Lucky Lucille has extended the deadline for her 40s sew along. I have the perfect 40s pattern(it's even nursing friendly), the perfect printed cotton, and until April 1st. I'd love to participate, but don't hold your breath. It seems like me and deadlines don't get along so well lately ;) But don't let that keep you from participating!

So where you been lately? Please share your links in the comments.

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