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Day 1: Going Nowhere in a Dress

Okay, I know, I know I said I would be doing weekly updates, but I just couldn't wait to post my first day in a dress! (And no, I don't mean I've never worn a dress before!)
And I'm so excited, because this is the real challenge for me, I'm not leaving my home today! That may seem weird to you, but that's always been the hardest thing for me. Trying to justify the wearing of a dress when I am only going to be seen by my family, and possibly some neighbors when I hang up laundry or go to the mailbox.
Sorry for the bad quality, but I'm not good at taking my
own picture. It's actually mid-calf length with a tie in the back,
and I'm wearing a green and ivory striped polo-type
 shirt with puffed sleeves.  The dress is made from some
natural tone muslin that I had leftover from curtains I made as
a teenager. (Yup, I save everything forever, or
 at least until a project comes up!)
This is a dress that I made when I was nursing Shelby, because it's easily converted to nursing. So, I've actually had this a while. Yes, I know it's a little wrinkly, but, honestly, if I have to iron everything I wear around the house, then this isn't going to work, ever. (I detest ironing, and tell myself that a few wrinkles just makes people think you've been working, hee, hee.)
Here's the unexpected part: my daughter loves it, and keeps telling me I'm pretty :) So, already I can see how what I wear affects her perception of me.
My husband's working late tonight, so I won't know what he thinks for a while. But, can you keep a secret? He doesn't follow my blog very often, so....he doesn't know about my challenge to be more feminine in the way I dress. And I prefer it that way, hee, hee. I'm waiting to see his honest reaction when he notices something different! (Let's hope he notices, lol!)
Anyway, I can tell that it makes me want to keep cleaner while doing housework, so....looks like I'll have a good excuse to try some more apron sewing, and I have just the vintagy patterns to do it.
(That last bit makes me very happy. Not because I can't find enough sewing projects, but because I've been wanting to sew more aprons for a long time, but was relegated to needed sewing, still fun, but more practical stuff, often with a deadline. Not as much fun.) Here's hoping I can get my housework and cleaning done, so I can start sewing!!! (Stay tuned and I'll post apron progress and pics!)
So, here's my first day. How do you think I did? How did you do? And please be easy on me, I'm new at this ;)