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Funny Friday

Little babe was 6 months old yesterday.
Funny Fridays: A collection of funny things that were said or done in our home this week, even if they weren't funny at the time...

"It feels strange to live in a taco."- 5 yr. old daughter who obviously has a wonderful imagination.

"I don't have time to train like a ninja." - Sweet Husband (I was trying to get him to exercise with me.)

"Forgot to buy Miterman!!!" (Spiderman) - almost 2 yr. old after leaving the grocery store, when I asked myself out loud if we had remembered everything.

"I can't get my work done for you getting in the way all the time." - 5 yr. daughter after I let her do mommy's work instead of her school for an hour trade off. She did decide that even though she likes mommy's work, mommy is better able to do it, and I think we both feel better about school.

"Are you even a grown-up?" - little girl who started taking violin lessons from me yesterday. I'm taking this as a compliment.

Hope this brought a smile to your face today. What funny things have happened at your house this week?


Michelle said...

Lily told Nate she could help him make sausage muffins because she knows the recipe but he would have to write it down because she doesn't know how to spell broccoli. :)

Sarah : ) said...

I knew sausage muffins were healthy, lol! I love the way kid logic works ;)