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As a mother of small children, time is something extremely limited these days, and learning to prioritize the time given to me is a huge obligation and something I'm learning to take very seriously. By God's grace, may we all be better stewards of the blessing of time.

Taken from Virgina is for Hugeunots. A great blog that you can check out here .    
 Time is Precious
Elnathan Parr, Abba Father: Or, A Plaine and Short Direction Concerning Private Prayer; Also, Sundy Godly Admonitions Concerning Time, and the Well Using of It, pp. 109-112:

Time is the price of time; when thy profit, thy pleasure, thy vain delights, thy lusts, call thee after them: exchange time for time.

As thou givest thy money for meat, and apparel; so give these things to purchase the time of prayer, and well-doing.

Solomon saith, Buy the truth (Prov. 23.23) : but Pilate saith: What is truth (John 18.38 )? so Paul saith, buy the time: but our profane wretches say, What is time? let us spend it, say they, as though it were little worth.

Time is God's creature, he allows thee no time to be vain and wicked: but he gives thee time, that thou mayest repent and do good. Make thy advantage of it.

Of the time thou bestowest, in prayer, singing of Psalms, reading the Scriptures, and good books, and in doing good, it shall never repent thee. But time otherwise spent, will one day torment thy conscience.

Thou must give account for time; on this moment depends eternity; of blessedness if it will be well; of misery, if it be ill employed.

It is great wisdom to know the time, and to redeem it (Eph. 5.15, 16 ).

The men of Issachar were in great account with David, because they had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, so are they in great account with God, who regard and use the season of well doing.

Painting of the the infamous St Bartholomew Massacre in 1572 more than 8000 Huguenots were murdered in Paris.
I am descended, on my mother's side, from French Huguenots who fled to Germany in the 16th century in order to worship God without fear of death.