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ABCs of Me

Just so you know, I've been a bit behind in catching up with blogging. What with blogger erasing posts (both published and some saved for publishing), Lil' Feller had a cold, internet connection problems (thanks AT&T *sarcastic tone implied*), and basically trying to keep up with being a keeper of the home while my husband's working extra long overtime filled days for the last several weeks (that means no breaks or help for mommy :( as he often comes home in time only to put them to bed).
So, please do not think I am complaining, just wanted to let you know why no new posts were coming up :)
And without further adieu, the ABCs....

A-Age: 30 (I know, ugh!!!)
B-Bed size: Plain old double bed, and sometimes I get more than half ;)
C-Chore you dislike: cleaning bathtubs and toilets (Blech!)
D-Dogs: Two, brother and sister full-blooded labs, named Porter and Dolly
E-Essential start to your day: right now, I'd say nursing ;)
F-Favorite color: Yellow, especially bright sunshiney hues
G-Gold or silver: Not really big on either, but my wedding ring and engagement ring are white gold
H-Height: 5'5"
I-Instruments you play: violin/fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass
J-Job title: mother, wife, homemaker, and Christ follower
K-Kids: Daughter (age 3), Son (2 1/2 months), 2 babies in heaven
L-Live: Tennessee
M-Mom's name: Betsy, but mom to me ;)
N-Nicknames: "S" to my brothers, "Mommy" to my kids, "Chicken" to my grandpa
O-Overnight hospital stays: Only twice, after the birth of my kids
P-Pet peeves: Dirty hands or long fingernails, the toilet paper being hung the wrong way, towels folded differently from how I would fold them, bedsheets that don't line up with the comforter (I could go on and on, yes I'm OCD and insane)
Q-Quote from a movie: "Hello, my name is Inego Montoya. You killed my father. Now prepare to die."-from "The Princess Bride"
R-Righty or lefty: Righty
S-Siblings: Three brothers, two older and one younger
T-Time you wake up: All times, I have a 2 month old and a toddler, so it changes daily
U-Underwear: I'm for it ;)
V-Vegetables: can't think of one I won't eat
W-What makes you run late: Ha! Everything and anything (For example, yesterday as we're heading out the door my daughter couldn't decide which of her plastic jewelry to wear and the baby threw up on me after soiling a diaper, needless to say, we were a little late.)
X-X-rays you've had: Ankle
Y-Yummy food you make: anything sweet or with chocolate, my husband says spaghetti sauce, smoothies, biscuits, quesadillas, mashed potatoes
Z-Zoo animal favorites: the birds and elephants

So there's my ABCs, what does yours look like?