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Hello, again...

Just popping in ;)
Hey y'all!

I know, I haven't written anything here in well over a year, and I bet no one was ever expecting me to again. And yet here I am, writing once again. So much has happened in the space between that I almost don't know where to start, but I said almost, so here goes.
First, I think you should know why I started a hiatus to begin with. My husband and I were in agreement that I needed to stop blogging for a while. Partly because it was very time-consuming and I had little spare time, and because we both felt a conviction that it was increasingly hard to not be two-dimensional here. I mean that it is easy for others to read a blog post and think they know you, and think you have all the answers, or that your life is picture perfect all the time. The truth is that most people who will ever read this will never actually know me apart from the words written here. That may sound cold and indifferent, but it's true. I know that I have to remind myself when reading a favorite blog that I don't actually know this person. (How odd a time we live in when anyone and everyone can write to the world who they want be, whether it be true or not!) And even though my intention was never to mislead anyone, we felt that I needed some time away from writing here to sort it all out. I wasn't sure that I wasn't in sin somehow in blogging here, and no matter how ridiculous that may seem to you, it's the truth and my conscience would not allow me to have peace until I could come back fresh and without a burden or a fear of my being sinful in it.
Then, when my husband and I agreed that I should write again, my laptop's charger cable quit working.  What can I say, I have a macbook and a replacement wasn't a big priority (when you read what we've been up to in the last year and a half, I think you'll understand why).
So, many months later, here I am again. I suppose I could've tried to type one on my phone, but who knows what the infamous iphone spell check would've replaced what I was typing. It might have been much more interesting to read and definitely more entertaining.
Well, there you have it. That's why I've not been blogging lately, and now to tell you what's in store. I hope to post in the next few days about some of the miraculous things God has been doing here. I will warn you that I can't promise that I'll be very regular at posting, as again, it's not a very high priority, and I hope you'll understand that. I also hope to post more about sewing, just because I want to, and I love sewing or creating anything for that matter. I realize that one of the tips for a good blog is to know your audience and limit your blog to specific subject(s). I just can't do that, I'm far too indecisive, and like everyone else my interests and tastes vary greatly.
So, that's it, why did you think I stopped writing? ;)