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Bread Baking has Been Officially Delayed. . . News at 11

Well, I did try. I really did. I thought I was doing exactly what the directions and my mom had instructed me to do. But apparently yeast starter is made of fragile, finicky, and fallible creatures. I am not sure exactly what happened. I was feeding it every other day, but hadn't yet used any for baking (therein may lie the problem). However it is dead now, completely dead, and I am back to the beginning again. I will be trying again tomorrow with a new starter. Perhaps this one will live longer than it's predecessor. One can hope. It is a sad day, but any tips as to better my starter or if you know of my error, please let me know. For now, it's off to the store to buy yet another loaf of bread. *sigh*
Picture of Graveyard - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.comRest in peace first starter, and the way you smell, I'm a good mind to truly bury you. :)


Beth said...

Hang in there! You'll get it. I just use yeast but I have made so much dough (bread kind)I can make it without a recipe and most of the time it turns out.

Sarah : ) said...

I'm not giving up yet, but it was really sad. I guess I was just so excited that it actually grew at all. I've made bread from the little yeast packets lots of times, but had always heard that if I used a starter, it would taste better, especially if you baked a lot of bread.

Michelle said...

Better luck next time!

I posted on your last one but my computer died or something and it didn't post.

I thought it was so FUNNY! That would totally be what happened if I attempted to make bread. I can't even roll dough for homeade biscuits!

Sarah : ) said...

I've made lots of quickbreads and bake biscuits and cornbread and rolls all the time. I've just never have made my own starter and I want to bake all our bread eventually. I actually like baking. Apparently baking with yeast starter is a whole different thing. My mom's really encouraging, and I will try again. Thanks for all the encouragement. If the starter works out this time and I get a good loaf, I'll bake one for you Michelle :)