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Funny Friday: Take 2

Sorry I didn't get this posted on an actual Friday, but yesterday was a birthday in our home, and that means nothing but party and fun all day...and work and stress for mommy. And in honor of our oldest son's second birthday, today's Funny Friday will be all about Jonah Boy :)

"What are they going to name the baby?"-Me
"Um.....Football!"-2 yr. old son's enthusiastic response after attending a baby shower.

"Who's boy are you?"-Me
"Um...Jonah's boy!"- 2 yr. old boy's response is only funny because he usually says Daddy's boy, but I guess on his birthday he was his own man.

"Where Daddy?"-2 yr. old boy.
"At work."-Me.
"Where Papaw?"- 2 yr. old boy.
"At his house."-Me.
"(Sigh)...I wish Papaw live at Jonah's house."-2 yr. old boy.

And now he's two, and looks more like Papaw everyday. Say's "peas" and "tank ou" and still wraps his arms around mommy's neck when I lay him down to change his diaper. He gives some of the best kisses ever and loves to make others laugh. *Sigh* He still makes my heart melt when he says "Mommy, love ou." Excuse me while I cry a little over how quickly he's growing up.

So, what has you getting all sentimental this week?

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