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We're Not So Weird ;)

*Sigh*  Maybe I am just being lazy (I have a good excuse though), but I am putting up a link to another blog that I have been following lately, because her honesty so makes me feel less covetous of those families and parents and children who always seem to portray perfection in all they do. And her writing reminds me that my family is a blessing, even though we aren't picture perfect, most of the time, okay, all the time. She also reminds me that others probably aren't as perfect as they would like me to think they are. And honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about our lives.
This is a peak into Shelby's "rocket".
She didn't know I took her picture ;)
I love that my daughter is so creative and imaginative, even when it is messy or looks strange to others (I let her pick out her own clothes, and, yes, we do go out in tutus some times, but that's okay).
My hubby's favorite chair doesn't face the
t.v., but he can reach lots of books ;)
I love that my husband would rather sit with us and read aloud or talk with us than be with his friends or watch t.v. (he doesn't follow sports teams, just theologians).
My view of Lil' Feller in his Mei-Tai carrier
 I love that my baby boy wants to be continuously in my arms, and cries without me, even though it can prevent me from being as productive.
So, without further adieu, click here  to read the Headmistress and Zookeeper's post at The Common Room, and I hope you enjoy it :)

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