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Check out a blog post of mine being featured At The Well today :)

Or click here to read the full version (I'm a bit wordy), and the follow up post here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,
I didnt realize you were in such a torn up hurt mind. I am praying for you and will continue to pray for you. I will be praying for the child you are carrying to be born perfect and healthy. Every child I carried was a true miracle, I know God does not smile on one and frown on another. You are His Child & He is the same yesterday (with me) today - with you and forever with your future children. I will stand on the promises with you and for you when you are not able. I am known as "prayer warrior - sister". I read from the well blog every day and realize and know you are hurting. But rejoice God is with you. Stop and refuse the words the doctor says - start praising the Lord for the new thing He is doing in you. I rejoice for the good thing He is bringing to pass for you.
I love you in Jesus. Be blessed - Prayer Warrior Sister

SEP said...


Anna said...

Hello Sarah, I am so happy for you that your baby is safe and well. What a wonderful miracle. I pray and trust your pregnancy will go to full term. When I had a miscarriage last year I found a lot of comfort in Psalm 34. I was blessed to find out about 6 weeks later that I was pregnant again. My daughter was born on Christmas Eve, only 18 months after my son who I was ttc for 3 years. God is good.

myletterstoemily said...

i love the name of your blog, because it
reminds me of a wonderful family story,
as well as the bible story, of course!

when my children were quite young,
4,6,8,10, and 12, i took them to hear a
powerful evangelist. after arriving, we
were told that all seats were reserved
for college students.

"we will just stand in the back and enjoy
the crumbs, then."

after a few minutes of preaching, the man
of God looked to the very back of the
huge chapel and said.

"are those children back there? bring
them up here so that i may lay hands on
them and pray for them."

so, we got a feast, instead. :)

Sarah : ) said...

Your words of encouragement and prayers are so welcome and appreciated. I am humbled to know that God could use me at all to reach others with the wonder of His grace and that He would edify my sisters in Christ through anything I've done. I know that my children are in heaven, and that I will have a privilege not all mothers have. My two babies that I didn't get to know here, have already met Jesus, and will greet me one day! What a blessing to know that, as my dad told me first thing after I called to say we had lost the first child, "That child has been redeemed already". I will not worry about where they are or what they are doing. I don't pour myself out each day in prayer before God for their salvation, but I do make a point to thank God for them each day, even when it's hard. All these things, these trials, are sanctifying us and conforming us to the image of Christ! Thank you again, dear sisters, and may God ever be glorified in our lives as we trusting give over all of us to His most capable hands.