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It's a BOY!!!

So, we found out we're having a boy! I am both excited and scared (especially of his older years), but we can't wait to welcome our little Jonah Elisha!
 Shelby has told us for weeks it was a boy, because she is THE girl, and turns out she knew best.
There are some concerns about the changes to come, though. Now my husband has someone to back him when arguing why there's no need to put the toilet seat back down. Shelby's ultra frilly and girly clothes will never do. Our princess movies will be inadequate. No more tea party days. Lots more dirt. The clothes really aren't as cute, but I'm sure our little man will make up for it with his innate cuteness!
But,....finally a mommy's boy! I have three brothers, and they are all still very partial to their mom, willing to do anything for her and at any expense. Not that they don't do the same for my dad, but there is something different there. And the part I think daddy is looking forward to the most, more fun toys for daddy. (I think he was growing slightly tired of princesses, bows, and all things pink, even though he's still Shelby's preferred tea party guest). And, they'll be someone to drive away and threaten prospective suitors for Shelby. Oh yes, my brothers were my best defense against scoundrels, and protested even my husband's worthiness for a long time.
Yes, our home is about to change with a good dose of added testosterone, but it's a change for the best. After all, right now, one princess is about all we can handle, but as my sister-in-law reminded me, every princess needs a prince!


Jennifer Ward said...

Congratulations again! Such a sweet change coming and a wonderful way of looking at it. I know how you feel, though. I spend half of the time hoping this one is a boy and half of the time hoping it's not!

Sarah : ) said...

I really am glad it's a boy, but I had three brothers, so I have a good idea of what to expect. And sometimes that what scares me most,lol. Yet how amazing to know that God has blessed us with an amazing daughter and now a son!