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A Whole New World or My Macbook: Gateway to Civilization

Wow! That's all I can say about my husband's decision to finally get internet access for our home. I have been staying at home with our daughter since she was born in November of 2007, and shortly thereafter we cancelled our cable. We don't get a paper and we live in rural Tennessee, so...needless to say mommy was craving some interaction with others and a forum from which I could at least know what the weather forecast was. (Yes, I even missed the weather reports.) *sigh*
But, I didn't realize how much had changed and yet hadn't changed since I last cared about things like fashion, celebrity news (*gag*), and the latest whatever. Turns out I wasn't as interested in the news as I thought I would be, but what I was truly craving was fellowship with other Christians, especially women and moms in general. (Thank God for facebook friends!)
So, I thought I would start a blog to see if I could meet more people and further my expedition into the cyberworld. Yeah, I'm nerdy, but old school nerdy, much preferring a book to a computer. However, I am now hopefully not too addicted to this technology, but appreciating it's being a blessing to me.

So, here's 10 things I've learned so far:
1. Facebook can be a tool for evangelism, and a husband babysitter :D
2. Youtube can be a great tool for entertaining toddlers with clips from the "real" Sesame Street , pre Elmo's horrible voice and baby talk *sigh*
3. If your legs are cold or sore a laptop can be an alternative to the old heating pad, just be sure to wear long pants.
4. Blogs, blogs, and more blogs....How can I keep up, and yet I can't stop reading them!
5. I've already met new friends, and oddly enough neighbors *woot! woot!*
6. Never take your laptop to bed. It's not good for you, your spouse, or your laptop : (
7. I love Phil Johnson and all the Pyromaniacs !
8. Email is obsolete. (Thanks fb and texting.)
9. Yogurt is hard to get off a computer screen, but a drop or two of coffee won't hurt your keyboard (emphasis on a drop or two).
10. Celebrities and movies stars have less control over our minds online!!! (Thank God that we don't have to see their pictures or hear their advice on anything unless we want to!)

So, there you have it a few things I'm learning. Until tomorrow or the laundry gets done, whichever comes first. Sarah : )

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